Reducing Gun Violence

an a simple conversation with your doctor help reduce gun violence and shootings? The American College of Physicians thinks so.
The ACP released its recommendations for reducing gun violence across the country, calling gun deaths a major health crisis in our country.
Among the recommendations, increased communications between doctors and patients-including questions about guns in the household and discussions about gun safety and the protection of minor children.

The paper builds on and expands policies that the American College of Physicians approved in 2014, calling for a public health approach to preventing firearm injuries and deaths.

Now, some new or revised policy positions include the college supporting “appropriate regulation of the purchase of legal firearms to reduce firearms-related injuries and deaths” and child access prevention laws that hold firearm owners accountable for the safe storage of firearms.

The paper also noted how the group supports the enactment of extreme risk protection order laws, which allow families and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from individuals who may be a risk to themselves or others.

California currently has an extreme protection order law on the books.

Our state also has very strict laws regarding use of firearms during a crime which could add significant years to a prison sentence for even minor crimes.

The question now is, will state and federal legislators put any of the recommendations into practice to help try and reduce gun violence across the board.

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