Public Nuisance or Transportation Alternative?

Public Nuisance or Transportation Alternative?

If you spend anytime on the streets of San Diego you’ve seen them-zipping in and out of traffic and cruising down roads and sidewalks.
In just a few months it seems like motorized scooters have virtually taken over, providing short-ride transportation around the city.
Along with the arrival of electric scooters have come a number of problems-including scooters being left lying scattered along sidewalks and riders zipping in and out of crowded pedestrian areas.
At the moment the City of San Diego has taken a hands-off approach to the motorized vehicles. There are few if any regulations governing their use in the city and recently helmets became optional for riders over 18.
San Diego’s approach is decidedly different from other California cities. The Ventura city council voted unanimously to ban electric scooters until it sees what happens in other cities.
Meanwhile the city of Beverly Hills is locked in a lawsuit with the scooter company “Bird” over its scooter ban.

While they can be a lot of fun and provide a convenient mode of transportation there are some important rules you need to know about to avoid an expensive traffic ticket. The best way to think about a scooter is to treat riding it as you would treat riding a bicycle.

  • Ride on streets, not on sidewalks
  • Make sure that any scooter you ride at night is equipped with a light, reflector tape and rear reflector
  • If you’re riding on a street with a designated bike lane, make sure you use that lane.
  • NEVER operate an electric scooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Yes, you can get an actual DUI if you’re riding a scooter and you’re above the legal limit.

The last thing you want is to have to explain to people in a jail cell, along with friends and family how you got arrested for a scooter DUI.
If you do happen to be one of the few who get a Scooter-DUI, call the law offices of Pedro Bernal, experienced DUI attorney who can help you prepare a defense to the charges.
This post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice nor a solicitation of services. For a proper case analysis please schedule a free consultation by calling us at (619)-350-3974.

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