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  • Expungement, a legal process to clear a criminal record, offers a path to normalcy and restored rights, and Bernal Law can guide you through this journey.
  • Eligibility for expungement in California includes fulfilling probation terms and not being convicted of certain serious crimes, with Bernal Law available for tailored legal advice.
  • Costs for expungement vary based on the nature of the conviction, with misdemeanors generally costing less than felonies, and Bernal Law can help navigate these financial aspects.
  • Bernal Law’s expungement attorney, with extensive experience in criminal defense and prosecution, offers comprehensive support in the expungement process, including case preparation, evidence collection, and legal system navigation.
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Legal involvement in crimes can reflect poorly on our lives, so seeking xpungement might seem like a good way to regain your quality of life and certain rights. At Bernal Law, San Diego expungement Attorney Pedro Bernal leverages his extensive experience as a former prosecutor to offer robust legal defense in criminal cases. Our firm specializes in a variety of practice areas, including drug crimes, domestic violence, violent crimes, DUI offenses, and white-collar crimes. Our San Diego expungement lawyers would be happy to aid many clients in expunging any records we possibly can. 

Mr. Bernal’s background in prosecuting complex cases now informs his approach to crafting strong defenses for his clients. With a focus on protecting the freedom and rights of individuals, Bernal Law stands out as a committed ally in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system​​. We encourage you to contact Bernal Law as soon as possible to retain valuable legal support during this challenging time. Expungement attorney Pedro Bernal will work hard to help you reduce the severity of consequences and fight by your side for your rights.

What is Expungement?

In short, expungement is the destruction of a criminal record or conviction. Specifically, it is a legal process someone can utilize once they have fulfilled the consequences of their conviction. Specific criteria determine who qualifies for expungement, and we can support you as you search for this legal option. 

Fighting for expungement can make returning to a sense of normalcy and utilizing certain rights far easier, even after you’ve faced a conviction. 

Who Is Qualified for Expungement in San Diego?

While many individuals may qualify for expungement, ensuring you are eligible is essential. Within California, if you have committed a felony or misdemeanor and have not been incarcerated in California state prison, you’ve fulfilled your probation terms, and you have not been convicted of a crime, this makes you ineligible for expungement. Crimes that may make someone ineligible are those that are serious, violent, or sexual in nature.

If you have spent time in state prison, you may also be eligible for expungement. There was a realignment under Proposition 47, meaning there are some crimes that would no longer warrant time in state prison. If you would not have spent time in California state prison after realignment, you may also qualify for expungement. 

How Much Does Expungement Cost in San Diego?

Costs for expungement will vary depending on the crimes and convictions you are attempting to erase. For example, misdemeanor expungement will generally cost less than those for felonies. Depending on your particular convictions and circumstances, especially those involving controlled substances, you may need to pay more for expungement.

Our expungement lawyers recommend working with an experienced expungement attorney in San Diego for support with your expungements, as one can be valuable in navigating legal processes. A San Diego expungement lawyer from Bernal Law can help you understand precisely what you need to do to expunge parts of your record, all while reducing stress.

How Can a San Diego Expungement Lawyer Help?

Bernal Law can assist you in numerous ways, as our firm has extensive experience in criminal defense law and prosecution. Bernal Law has successfully supported individuals in the following ways:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Helping formulate a plea
  • Investigating the prosecutor’s case
  • Gathering evidence
  • Conducting an independent investigation
  • Preparing your case for court
  • Collecting evidence to reduce liability
  • Ensuring that all documents are filed correctly and on time
  • Communicating with the other parties on your behalf
  • Organizing and presenting the evidence
  • Accessing research methods and tools only available to legal professionals
  • Providing an understanding of the legal system and how to make it work for you

We recommend you refrain from representing yourself during your expungement requests, as this can quickly result in less-than-ideal results and mistakes. Bernal Law can help you avoid any issues that might result in problems with your expungement. 

Fight for Your Rights and a Better Future: Contact a Bernal Law Expungement Lawyer Today

If you’re seeking a fresh start by clearing your criminal record in San Diego, Bernal Law is here to assist. Our experience in the expungement process can help restore your reputation and open new opportunities. We’re led by expungement attorney Pedro Bernal, who is fluent in English and Spanish. He was also a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego.

Don’t let your past limit your future – take the first step towards a clean slate today. For a thorough evaluation of your case and professional guidance through the expungement process, contact Bernal Law at (619) 736-9092 or complete our contact form